Monday, 16 January 2012

Death and decay

Pleasantly warm in the sun and nice firm ground thanks to another hard frost. Time to move the latest couple of deliveries of pony poo, mix with some leaf mould and leave nature to do the rest. Even by being 'sensible' and not overfilling the barrow it was surprisingly hard work. A couple of years ago I'd have done this in an hour or so but today I kept stopping to stretch out muscles, have another cuppa, and it took all afternoon. Perhaps messing with all the bird feeders and chatting to Bert & LP might have had something to do with it as well . . .

An unexpected find this morning, and as there were no obvious signs of cause of death he went in the hedge rather than my fridge.


  1. Perhaps he /she was an old one who died of the cold? We have seen a few rabbits with myxie over the past summer . It always seems to be around.

    1. Thankfully no myx., but there wasn't a mark on this chap. Quite possibly old and cold as you suggest, or perhaps he was hit by a vehicle and crawled this far?


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