Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cheap as chips

I made the 'mistake' of popping into our local auction house on behalf of a friend who is looking for a new coat rack. Nothing suitable for hanging coats but I did see some exceptionally dirty china haphazardly stacked in a box on the floor ...

I need more dishes like Cumbrian soil needs more water but this was so pretty and the unexpectedly low hammer price was less than an antique shop would charge for just the large tureen on its own.

Four tureens (OK, one of the small ones is missing its lid but two still have their saucers), three ladles, three meat servers, six dinner plates, ten deep plates. This service has had much use, the gold leaf is rubbed off the edges, a couple of items have small repairs and many of the plates are glazed and stained. I don't mind a bit, I only wanted the covered dishes so the rest is a bonus.

Definitely a good day - the sun is shining for the first time in about three weeks. Grasmoor looks cold and seems to have the faintest dusting of snow. Physio is going well and maybe, just maybe, I might be able to get up there in a few weeks.


  1. what a view you are blessed with. astounding beauty.

  2. A very pretty set. I love blue and white ware. I`m not surprised you couldn`t resist it!

    We have had gales here in the New Forest and I hear a loud crack up on the hill this afternoon. Another tree down.

  3. What a pretty dinner service!

    Hope you get out to enjoy the fells soon.

  4. I hope you have lots of cupboards. Sun is shining here too today

  5. Dawn, thank you. With this house it's "location, location, location" (and how we remain sane amidst all the work it needs)

    Dartford, thanks for saying hello. We used to live in your part of the world (near Romsey), Ollie and I have had some lovely walks in the Forest.

    Hazel, glad you approve m'dear. Low levels walks are at the "planning stage", hurrah!

    Sue, the china is spreading into the day room next to the kitchen ....

  6. Oh Dear. I'm going to be in BIG trouble tomorrow night! Keep looking for the coat rack, I won't tell you when I get one, then you can go into Mitchells as often as you like!

  7. Auction houses- dangerous places - anything going cheap looks like a bargain - however I do envy you yours it looks lovely.

  8. Your views are extraordinary. What welcome balm to the weary gardener at the end of the day. Lucky you.

  9. CB, you are such a dear considerate friend, aren't you (giggling all the way to the bottle opener!)

    Jill, something timeless about blue & white, glad you like it too.

    Kris, on a good day we do tend to stop a lot to admire the view!

  10. What a perfectly wonderful find and to get it at a deal no less. Guess the coat rack will have to lead you on another adventure, another time.

  11. Hi S&S, thanks for stopping by. Country Bumpkin has been told to find her own coat rack {grin}.

  12. thanks for pointing me to your post of august 2009. it made me choke up and reminded me of when we had to make the same decision for our dear first dog, Toby. my god, that was 11 years ago already! but the memories are fresh in my mind. and now we are faced with making the decision again, for boscoe.

    boscoe's bark is going, too, but i don't think he has a tumor in his throat. he's just .... old and rickety. i think we are very close. i like your gauge of a good day followed by one sleep day, but more than one sleep day in a row is bad news.

    oh this is hard. thank you for your comments.

    ps i want those dishes.

  13. Nice dishes Bilbo, are you planning some entertaining? Lovely views too, I know what you mean about hardly having seen the sun of late, but we have had a couple of better days this weekend. No sign of the white stuff yet ...

  14. Laurie, thinking of you {hugs}

    SewAli, as long as you don't mind your veggies out of second-hand and slightly worn dishes, then when are you coming for supper, (and we really do need to go to the Spice Club again, don't we?)


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