Friday, 16 December 2011

Tidying Up

Although the ground is still saturated, LP and I decided that we could no long put off some tidying up. Small jobs but together they make a huge difference.

We kept some old roof tiles and they've now been stacked at the back of the house, together with the lovely ridge tiles which are slowly being distributed around the garden as 'toad homes', and two trailers of pony poo have been moved around to the utility area and mixed with leaves.

The pile of escallonia waiting to be shredded has been re-stacked behind the latest huge delivery of larch slab which has been tidied up. Although there is every chance of our plans changing, currently the intention is that this will be used on the steep bed next to the steps (the one I used to push a barrow up) and near the pond so it makes sense not to move it too far.

Not content with all that, LP also moved more paving slabs onto our 'path to be' to make it easier to keep off the mud when going to and from the log store. A thoroughly excellent three hours, and I am sure he would have done more if it hadn't got dark.


  1. So this is you taking it easy is it? Still, a good tidy up always makes you feel good doesn't it?

  2. It's taking it easy because LP did all of the work. I stood around, supervised, made tea ...... the only thing I picked up was a broom to sweep the drive when he'd finished.


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