Sunday, 4 December 2011


My first glimpse this year of the icy white stuff.

When the cloud clears I will be able to see more, but for now it appears that the top of Grisedale Pike, Hopegill, Whiteside and Grasmoor have had quite a dusting and that behind Ullock Pike, Skiddaw has received even more.

In the far distance (more than 15 miles as the crow flies), Pillar is looking decidedly wintery.

Naff photos because the sky is darker than it looks and we keep getting nasty cold showers of half rain/half hail. Brrrr.

If there was sensible adult present she would know This Is Not a Good Thing. Despite winter tyres on both our cars I would rather not drive on icy roads* and the fuel bills will rise as the temperature falls.

Such a person is not present. She who is Not Really Grown Up Inside LUUURVES to see snow; reminds me of a long ago winter working in a ski resort, looks fabulous, hardens up the clay soil nicely so we can get some winter jobs done, and is one of the many bonuses of moving to the Frozen North. Back in Hampshire a glimpse of snow was a rare event which degenerated rapidly into dirty sludge and traffic chaos. Up here snow is normal. It is winter ergo it is colder and there is white stuff on the tops (and sometimes on the middles and bottoms too).

It's December and there is Snow. Can I get the Christmas decorations out now, pretty please?

* That's not strictly true. I don't mind driving in rough conditions because I trust my car can handle whatever I am likely to go out in. Management will tell you that as I become more risk averse as I get older, those conditions aren't likely to be very bad in the first place! What I don't like is all the unprepared drivers who should have stayed indoors ....


  1. We haven't even had our first frost here, though it's been a dull weekend, lots of wind and rain. I haven't even thought about decorating for Christmas yet. Thank you for entering my giveaways.

  2. Oh, all this Christmas cheer!! Guess I'll have to dig out the tree when we get home from our trip. It does look like winter has arrived. We're in Iowa now and its cold but no snow on the ground, thankfully for us warm weather folks. I'd be a total recluse if I had to deal with icy roads.

  3. I'm always happy to see snow - from indoors!

  4. Call that snow? You should see it here, we've got a whole inch or two now! It hasn't even got down to 0 degrees yet this winter, two minor ground frosts and very warm soil, so I don't think it will stick about for long. Oh and no, you can't get the decorations out yet, it's way too early!!

  5. Hi Jo, I'm sure as long as there is plenty of wrapping paper to chew up Archie will think it you've done a brilliant job of Christmas decorations.

    FFG, brrr, Iowa - it can get cold there. Get you back to sunny Florida girl!

    QuiltSue, snow is natures way of telling you to make another quilt ...

    GL Sue, I had a look at the weather forecast for your part of the world. Wrap up warm on Monday night ...

    CB, if we're going to have a "who has the most snow" competition you can win, every single time. (I'm generous like that!) And oh yes, I CAN get the decorations out. I've already started moving things around to make room for the tree.

  6. Seeing that you have snow, I'll give you permission to start Christmas now.

    I wonder if it will hang around this weekend as I now find myself driving up to the Shire… Ingleborough certainly looks to have a covering, but knowing my luck it will all melt tonight as I drive up.

  7. Morning James, how does Ingleborough look? Didn't see your blog comment last night (for which I thank you) until this morning so you'll be here not there by now ...

    Hope whatever you are doing produces a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing weekend at the cottage. Do you realise this time last year you made a quick dash to collect the boys' quilts (how are they getting on with them, BTW?)

    Lovely views of snowy fells here, but disgustingly wet and muddy underfoot at Bag End. Iliotibial band still playing up something rotten (cleaning a carpet yesterday didn't help) so no ice axe and crampon clad walks for me.

    oh yes, and the central heating is on the blink ... thank crunchy for Wood Burners!

  8. A nice wintry walk around Ribblehead and Horton. Totally bushed now and enjoying my WBS.

  9. Feet up James, sounds like you deserve it.

  10. Hi Jill, didn't last long though. Was washed away within a couple of days.


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