Sunday, 4 December 2011

Rhetorical question

Management has had a major tidy-up in his study. Why then, does MY study (which I straightened up a couple of weeks ago) now look like a bomb-site?

The answer is "because Hobbit sorts through the 'rubbish' and shreds anything which could go on the compost heap". It takes ages because I don't want to burn out the shredder motor, and also have the self-created mess on the kitchen table to deal with which is going to take a whole lot longer. Each of those post-it notes is a reminder-to-self of a "job" that needs doing. I may be sometime ....


  1. I'm so with you on the shredding and composting. And I can't seem to clean up "just a little". Next thing you know I'm relining drawers and pushing furniture around. Good luck there. At least the weather encourages inside projects this time of year. Good luck.

  2. Well, I would if you were , but you're not!! If it were just one I would suggest it was just melanistic which is fairly common, but as there are two, then it is likely that these have been reared and released by a local game keeper. There are many varieties of pheasant, some in amazing colours, but as you are well aware, most are the common or garden variety which you are obviously doing a very good job of feeding. I'm sure that local game keeper is very fond of you! Lovely to get some more unusual ones. You are two up on us, as we only ever manage run of the mill pheasants!

  3. Opps, I think this is on the wrong post. It is past beer o'clock!

  4. Hi Kris, I've been pushing furniture around too!

    CB, thank you for the pheasant confirmation, much appreciated, even if it being after "beer o'clock" means you were creative with where you left your comment!


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