Friday, 30 December 2011

Lousy timing

Friends were expected for supper on Thursday. Table nearly laid, desert chilling in the fridge, much food already prepared, time to start on the salads. Also time to admit defeat and collapse whilst Management had to make the embarrassing phone call: "very, very sorry, Herself has gone down with the cold that I've had since before Christmas, we're really not well enough for company".

So sorry, Country Bumpkin, the height of bad manners to cancel on you at such short notice. (Although possibly worse to cough and splutter over you and your food all evening?)

The following day we realised the dishwasher was not well. Management diagnosed the fault and reckoned he could probably fix it with the acquisition of necessary parts. Pulling the offending white box out of its slot for detailed examination revealed more problems - the dratted thing has been leaking and we had much wet and slimy nastiness all over the floorboards under the sink cupboard. The only consolation is that it's not been leaking for more than a year - everything seemed fine when we had the kitchen refurbished last November.

We had a bit of a cogitate and decided that old dishwasher + two faults + cost of repairs (which are not 100% guaranteed to work) = time to get a new one.

Last week the Dyson expired and had to be replaced, although in its defence it was more than a few years old and had survived the onslaught of Beardie hair, three house moves and tidying around the wood burning stove every morning.

Added to all that, the boiler has been under-performing for the last couple of weeks and whilst we've not been cold (thank Dog once again for the wood burner), the radiators aren't as warm as they should be. At least it's a mild December, this time last year it was minus 12. Replacement parts are on order, they and the plumber will turn up when they turn up.

Management, bless him, just quietly says "stop worrying, this is what we have savings for" and gets online to find us a new disher. I just go back to huddling in front of the wood burner waiting for the paracetamol to kick in. “Aaa-tish-ooooo!” ...


  1. Oh dear! Get well soon, as M says, that's why you have savings. (Tell him that Argos have £100 off certain Dyson models at the mo!)

  2. Oh no, hope you're feeling better now. I too had a cold over new year, much taking of nurofen cold & flu, vit C and echinacea. Starting to feel better now, it seems everyone's had the bug.

  3. meant to also say, sorry to hear the dishwasher is equally poorly. We go through phases when every mechanical thing in the house seems to fail, this too shall pass :o)

  4. Thanks Hazel, feeling much better now.,

    SewAli, sorry you've been poorly too, hope you're feeling much better now. I remember you having a similar period of "things breaking" a couple of years back.

  5. Height of bad manners to cancel - I think not. Height of bad manners would be getting us there with a broken dishwasher and then making us wash up!! Don't worry about it, as I said on the phone, we really didn't want your germs, and we can have a good catch up this Saturday instead. Glad you're both on the mend, hope himself is back to normal by Sat.

  6. Thanks CB, look forward to the rematch at yours this weekend.


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