Saturday, 31 December 2011

End of year: calendar review

January: 16 days
February: 15 days
March: 19 days
April: 23 days
May: 15 days
June: 26 days
July: 22 days
August: 22 days
September: 13 days
October: 13 days
November: 5 days
December: 5 days

Total: 194 green dot days

Thanks to LP we have achieved a great deal this year and fingers are crossed we can make as much progress in 2012.

The 'green dot days' are going to take a break in the coming 12 months, I have different calendar game to play in 2012.


  1. Compared to 159 last year - that's pretty good going! Also surprising is how few days were wiped out by the weather (or is that indicitive of how hardy Hobbit & LP are?).

  2. Hazel, it didn't occur to me to look up last year - thank you!

    Actually, far more days towards the end of the year should have been "pink" but I got rather lax about recording them.

  3. PS intrigued to know what your new calendar game is?

  4. That's a remarkable number of green spots.


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