Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Normal service has been resumed! Before returning down south for another gruelling week away, Management brought all the decorations up from the basement room. Once I started looking in boxes and seeing those old friends again there was no question as to whether or not they would all come out to play.

Over the years we seem to have built up quite a collection of these Heartwood Creek figures.

Some have very special associations such as the apple-bearing Snowlady. I found her in Appleby the first time I took Ollie for an acupuncture appointment. Happy memories because the treatments provided by Helen Gould helped so much with his pain management and mobility and made such a difference to the quality of his life.

Much treasured is this nativity set. It is older than I am and the family story (as I remember it) is that it was purchased from Derry & Toms department store in Kensington shortly after the end of WWII.

(The 'stable' came far more recently from John Lewis)

Even the kitchen cupboards are not safe!


  1. Things are beginning to look very festive around your house! Lovely. I put out the nativity set here today, too.

  2. so lovely and Christmassy :o)
    We're rather lacking in decorations here having decided several years ago that Christmas trees and curious cats were not a safe combination! And you wouldn't believe the number of things that have been broken as a result of a swooshing tail.

    How nice to have a piece of history come out year after year. I think the Nativity Set my parents had when I was a child must have been modelled on one like yours as the figures look exactly the same. They were made of a rubber material though and over the years began to perish.

  3. Glad normal service has resumed :-)It's looking very festive!

  4. Hi girls, thank you all for your comments.

    Nic, I think these figures are a type of plaster. Your comment made me go to check their condition but thankfully nothing seems to be deteriorating.


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