Monday, 12 December 2011


All this wonderful pony poo has to be stored somewhere. I may have had great intentions about producing a large quantity of leaf-mould this year but the plan failed. Combination of LP being away, bad weather, my not feeling up to pushing endless barrows of leaves around the place. It made sense to dismantle the builders' bag set-up in order to use all the space in the big bin behind the log store and start mixing the leaves I do have with stable muck. A couple of hours pleasant messing around on Sunday morning got things fairly organised.

I'm not aiming for a compost which is highly nutritious and balanced, good humus to improve soil structure will do for me. Hopefully this mix will work, no reason why it shouldn't.

Bert continues to find it easier to drop a trailer here two or three times a week rather than struggle through a badly waterlogged field. I occasionally provide top-up petrol for the quad bike, feels like a pretty good arrangement.


  1. Something very satisfying about lots of home made compost ,,,, well almost home made!

  2. Hi Jill, very satisfying. If David put a tow hitch on your car and you got a small trailer would it make it easier to collect from your nearby stables?


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