Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas really has come early

Here in a small village in West Cumbria, Christmas has truly come early.

We learned this morning that the Planning Inspectorate has dismissed the appeal by Peel Energy to erect three of the largest wind turbines in England on a nature reserve at the back of the village. To say we are delighted is the understatement of 2011. There have been adult beverages tonight, and some (but not me) will have headaches tomorrow morning.

This victory is in no small part thanks to the many people who wrote to object to this application, and if you were one of those folk I want to thank you for taking the time, so many months ago, to add your voice to the numerous local objections. It's been a long fight, and something of a dirty one as we discovered more and more 'inaccuracies' in the representations made by the energy company, but against all the odds, we won.

Thank you so much for your help.


  1. Great news BW - those things are not only eyesores, extremely noisy and dangerous to birds but only seem to work when there is the right sort of wind!

  2. Splendid. Another victory for Common Sense.

  3. Good to all on tilting at those windmills. Job well done and beverages well deserved. Happy Christmas to all.

  4. Still haven't worked out why we don't do electicity generation based on the tides/waves - of all the green technologies I would have thought that would be the least intrusive and most reliable.

  5. Thank you all for your comments, hope Christmas has been kind to you all.

    Hazel, energy companies want to put up turbines because of the sodding great subsidies and vast amounts they make from ROCs. As tidal barrages don't attract the same millions (which, BTW, you are paying for) there is little incentive for them to pursue these technologies

  6. Not wanting to be controversial but the price being paid to those producing using solar panels is high too and must add to our bills. I can't quite get my head around how much is paid out in sunny summer months when we don't need as much power as in winter!

  7. Delighted to hear this! Merry Christmas twice over.

  8. Sue, I don't think you are being controversial. You are absolutely right, the FIT system is completely bonkers.

    Jill, Elizabeth, thank you for your good wishes. We don't crack open the champers very often, but Friday was definitely the night for much bubbly.

  9. just a little update on boscoe, since you were kind enough to ask a while back...he's still tottering along, very feeble but once we get him up and moving he can walk to the corner and back. not his time quite yet. he still even attempts a play bow every now and again.

  10. Hi Laurie, thanks for your comment. Give Boscoe a gentle scratch behind the ears from us. ☺☺

  11. Bit late to add my cheers, but a whoop from behind is better than no whoop at all.

    Here's hoping that all those turbines applied for in mid Wales will receive the thumbs down too.

    The 'inaccuracies' which seem to be the building blocks of all the proposals are unforgivable.

  12. Hi Mountainear, cheers are never too late, thank you.

    Our summary of the 'inaccuracies' submitted to the Planning Inspectorate ran to 68 pages ...

    The determination in our favour was based on the landscape. Building behind our village would visually have linked existing turbines on the coast with developments further inland. The Inspector judged that this would create a 'wind farm landscape' as opposed to a 'landscape with wind farms'. We're delighted as this sets a precedent and is crucial in ensuring the land remains undeveloped. The site is a birders' paradise and nationally important for Goosander.

    If you want to email me (link on sidebar) I'll send you a couple of PDFs which you may find useful in Wales.

  13. I've just been reading an article about the devastating effect of wind farms on the golden eagle population. It does worry me that some of our green attempts seem not to take into account the effect on our wildlife. It is their planet too!

  14. You are right Sue, and not just eagles - bats and migrating birds too. No-one ever seems to mention the grounds effects either - roads, ancillary buildings, thousands of tonnes of concrete which must affect wildlife.

    I went to one planning meeting where a councillor said "forget the turbines, we'd NEVER allow all the ground based parts of this proposal in open countryside ..."


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