Monday, 5 December 2011

Breakfast Crew

As the temperature falls the number of breakfast visitors rises in direct proportion (as does the amount of food which gets put out each day).

This dreadful picture (have since cleaned the outside of the window - that's one post-it note off the table) does not include all the pheasants or the red squirrel who had just done a speedy exit stage left to bury another hazelnut.

Nor does it include the visitors noted between 9.00 and 10.00 this morning:

Yellowhammer (first of the year)
Goldfinch (many)
Chaffinch (numerous)
Collared Doves (pair)

Amongst the dozen or more pheasant are two with completely different plumage to the usual females. They appeared last week and through the murk and haze I wondered if they were red grouse blown off course from somewhere else. Managing to get a better look a few days later they have proper tails (grouse don't) and pheasant-like legs (grouse legs are stockier) and missing the above-eye red flash of a red grouse. They seem to have settled well with the resident flock and are hoovering up mixed poultry corn along with their cousins. Country Bumpkin will tell me if my identification is wrong.

Flurries of hail & snow all day so far, thankfully it's not settling properly. By lunchtime the cloud-base was down to 350m, I expect when it clears our view will be of rather white fells.


  1. I grew up in an open countryside (before develpment) where there were many unmowed fields and usually filled with wildlife,including pheasants. I loved to hear them call. Alas, thanks to 'progress', a pheasant call is just a fading memory. Lucky you. :-D

    Wonderful attendance there for breakfast! Do you have any problems with deer hoovering up the food?

  2. Hi Kris, no deer here, and thankfully no rabbits to eat all the new plants either.

  3. What a joy to have such a variety of wildlife visiting daily. My windows are filthy compared with yours. Not sure what that says about me - that I like a clean home but hate cleaning probably!

  4. I have the same problem taking photos from windows. No yellowhammers for us! The pheasants must feel safe with you!

  5. The only reason that my windows are fairly clean is that I have window cleaners once every six weeks!
    I'm doing fairly well for birds and have finally (after about 4 years) managed to get some goldfinches onto my feeders :)

    Glad the physio is doing the trick for you - I know how hard it is to be feeling reasonabley well but not be allowed to get on with all the heavy stuff we're used to doing!

    I'm loving the snow on the hills - I can see the Derbyshire hills from our landing window and the snow is teasing me too. My inner 8 year old has begun the morning litany to Himself of "has it snowed yet?!" Can't wait!.....although after last year's debacle where we couldn't even get the Landy out down our long drive, I have invested in some rock salt! - but we'll only do one side of the drive and leave the other side for sledging! :D

  6. Bilbo, your list of birds at the bird table is very similar to ours. We get yellow hammers regularly as they nest in our fields and seem to stick around all year. Goldfinches - we get them in profusion and greenfinches too. In the winter we often get long tailed tits, which is quite exciting. What we never ever have is a red squirrel - lucky you!

  7. Thanks Scarlett, dirty windows probably says the same about you and it does about me - far too busy doing other things!

    Sue - the pheasant are just greedy and know they are are on to a good thing.

    Nutty, I have w/cleaners too, wish they'd do inside as well {smile}. How's your inner 8y/o doing? She'd probably quite like the view from here (but not the mud underfoot)

    Weaver, LTT's only seen very occasionally here but I love them, as for the red squirrel, I never take them for granted. Now find myself bristling with rage when I read other blogs where the writer coo's and ahh's over the "cute little grey squirrel" in their garden. I just think air rifle ....


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