Saturday, 17 December 2011


Friends dropped by on their way home from a walk (they really wanted a hot cuppa) and over a large pot of tea and a box of shortbread we saw:

Long Tailed Tits
Gold Tit
Great Tit
Blue Tit
and our lovely Red Squirrel.

(The apples are a donation from a neighbour with too many windfalls and are being devoured at great speed by all the blackbirds)


  1. I think the 'gangs' of long-tailed tits that we get here have to be my favourites, those and my shy nuthatch!

  2. Ditto Jill, LTT's are a favourite here. Haven't seen a nuthatch for months, lucky you.

  3. We also have a sparrowhawk sitting on the fence watching the bird feeder most days and I thought it had taken the nuthatch. I was seeing it every day and then it disappeared. Luckily it was back today :-)

  4. Jill, if you'd like to read an interesting post about sparrowhawk, have a look at SewAli's blog for 14th December.

  5. I seem to have missed some of your posts - not sure why - I love long tailed tits.

  6. Sue, my fault I suspect. Just after New Year I uploaded 5 or 6 posts all at once (catching up). If you keep an eye on Bag End via a widget in your sidebar it would only have shown you the most recent.

    I find Google Reader the best way to keep track of new entries on all the blogs I follow.


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