Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I've accomplished a great deal this month, but not much of it in the garden.

My sewing room is rebuilt and (sshh, don't tell anyone) on a couple of occasions I started rummaging through piles of fabric, boxes of scraps, unfinished projects. The house is remarkably tidy and there are no builders due in the near future, I've even made a start on Christmas cards.

I shall remember November chiefly for two things, one is a wonderful physio, the other is the weather. The physio is a cruel woman with hands of steel which are capable of inflicting significant pain. I don't mind a bit - in six short weeks she has dealt with much of the long-standing damage and pain in my hip and shoulder, and restored a range of movement which I haven't had for years.

I do, however, mind the weather. I bloody mind it a lot. November has been a pain in the bum and I don't think we've seen the last of some weird meteorological conditions. It's been far too warm for the time of year and far too many plants are growing strongly and continuing to flower and when it does get really cold they'll be knocked for six. Daffodil bulbs are thrusting themselves out of the ground with indecent haste and many of the snowdrops in pots (waiting to go in the Coppice) are showing green shoots.

Neither the roses (Winchester Cathedral and Mme Isaac Periere) or Clematis Nelly Moser should be in bloom right now.

It's been wet. Very, very wet. That seems to be par for the course in November as 2009 proved. At the weekend I saw friends near Greystoke and their weather station had recorded nearly 2 inches of rain in as many days. Our large pond has collected at least 6 inches of water although much of this is run-off. We'll have ducks next adding green shit to the ever present mud; now there's something to look forward to . . .

I can cope with all this, but I'm getting really fed up with the wind. Of course, buy a big garden and immediately cut down the shelter belt and what do you expect? No, I don't ever want the leylandii back but I would like a bit of respite from howling gales, especially when LP hasn't been able to get back here since his holiday and my plans to erect additional windbreak before 'the bad weather arrives' have come to nothing. I'd also like a break from the noise. I cannot sleep with the windows closed, nor can I doze off with earplugs. Acute hearing is not always a good thing. Neither is a sleep-deprived Hobbit. Grrrrr.

(The forecast for the rest of the week is equally foul, with high winds for all of us and snow predicted for the fells. Smug points because Management's car had winter tyres fitted last Friday and mind are going on this week.)


  1. Hi Bilbo
    I'm so pleased your physio has been working her magic on you.
    Fingers crossed for improved sleep soon.
    love N x

  2. Does an improve hip raise the prospect of more fell walking in the New Year? I do hope so.

    Meanwhile, recouperation behind a sewing machine sounds like a good move - its great to see a bit of fabric making it onto the blog!

  3. Hi Nic, great improvement already, thank you, and much improved on the sleep front.

    Hazel, I hope so too. When I wasn't walking because I chose to focus on the garden I didn't mind not being on the fells, but now I want to and can't it's not at all funny.


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