Saturday, 26 November 2011

A very welcome visitor

Only one, but so very welcome after the sad news of two recent deaths. This chap* seems to prefer eating close to the ground rather than from the tree-mounted feeder.

* I have no idea whether this is a male or female, but "him" seems to fit.


  1. Bless. Definitely a Mr. As you say, very welcome after hearing about the casualties. Really good pictures with his coat catching the sunlight.

  2. Hi CB, on "close inspection" of the original images, "him" certainly appears to be a "Mr" ☺. Glad you liked the pictures.

  3. Fabulous pictures Bilbo ,,, enjoyed a quick catch up with life at Bag End. This Bag End is still in chaos and very dusty!

  4. Morning Jill, thanks for the comment, hope your wood burner is installed soon, definitely the weather for it.

  5. Fabulous photos, we have one or two 'Reds' but far too many Greys, my DS used to be on the local Red Squirrel panel where they took blood samples of Greys to see if they were infected with the pox virus which kills the Red Squirrels.

    It's a real treat when we see a Red Squirrel!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  6. Thank you Kay, sorry you have greys in your area. Hope your local squirrel panel can trap/get rid of as many as possible. It's a never-ending task though.


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