Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sewing room

Despite building work and painting being finished months ago and furniture moved into the sewing room at Easter, I've not unpacked the rest of my fabric or even touched the sewing machine. With winter coming it is time to straighten up the fabric stash and think about quilting.

First paint the inside of a cupboard, put up twin-slot shelving and have timber cut to fit. Sounds so easy when it's one sentence - has taken quite a few days on and off.

Take a good look Hazel, because once this is full of fabric and essential quilting supplies there is no way I shall let any pictures out into the wild!


  1. Lovely, you can get a fair amount of fabric in there!

  2. Thanks Ali, I think you know it won't take long to fill this cupboard!

  3. You know it's not just me who needs to see these things, Hobbit. :)

    I like the adjustable shelves - neat idea.
    You can get some of those boxes out of storage & a step closer to the machine...?

    I'm betting that you run out of room before you run out of 'stuff'! {gg}

  4. Hazel, If you promise to Be Good (ha, ha, ha) I might send you a private peek. Then again, might not ...

    If you need this sort of shelving get it from Screwfix, not B&Q. Fraction of the price and free delivery.

    Already in danger of running out of storage space and I have more cupboards in this room than the last - how can that be? I haven't been fabric shopping for MONTHS. This is the Universe's way of telling me to Make Lots Of Quilts this winter and use some of it up!

  5. I recently got my Bernina out after a long spell not using it and I am ashamed to say that I had forgotten how to thread it, yet alone use it. It took me a whole afternoon to get back into it again. Love the look of that cupboard.

  6. Hi Pat, I don't think I've forgotten how to thread my machine but it certainly needs a good oiling and some TLC. Glad it's not just me ☺

  7. Nice to see it tidy! Actually you are SO much more tidy than I am. Well, everyone is!

  8. "Actually you are SO much more tidy than I am. Well, everyone is!"

    Don't count on that, Flum! {gg} My attic room has every surface that is not full of sewing paraphenalia covered with newspaper and drying beans at the mo...

    Are you supposed to tidy everything up at the end of a project before you start the next or something??

  9. A woman after my own heart Hazel. Life's to short to tidy up!


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