Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sewing room, take 2

Second cupboard ready to be filled, and finally somewhere to store all the garden furniture cushions.

It's ironic that when I finally make a start on sorting out this room our broadband connection goes squiffy and I can't easily get online in my study. Temporarily the iMac has been moved to where my sewing machine ought to be, thankfully only until Management sets up a wireless booster. I'm thoroughly irritated, not because I've had to move my PC, but because I can't get the booster to work. Bloody technology!

The rest of my time has been occupied with drilling which is not one of my favourite activities: new blind and glass shelves in bathroom, hanging rails in sewing room and a quilt rail in the bedroom (remarkably effective if unusual way of covering up a big hole in the plaster which will stay until I can face having builders in again). There might even have been some laundry, ironing and housework thrown in for good measure!


  1. Very jealous of all these pristine new cupboards to fill!

  2. They don't look pristine now Jill, they're both full to bursting!

  3. Thanks Laurie, it looked this good for, oh, maybe 10 minutes. Now it is full . . .

    I have way too much fabric, I really need to get back to making quilts out of it.


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