Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Many of you know that like a lot of homes in this area, our front door is not at the front of the house. This works well much of the time with our main door protected from the prevailing weather by a wall and porch. Trouble is, new visitors often don't "get it" and try to wander into the Potager and Cottage Garden.

In order to prevent this I added a second bolt to the gate and that works well - most of the time. But not this morning when a delivery man who'd not been here before was absolutely convinced he could get through. By the time I'd noticed his van and realised where he was, he had nearly shaken the gate off its hinges in his determination to get to the bottom bolt.

I put a home-made sign on the gate but it blew away - time for something stronger.

A little bit of Googling for 'private sign' brought me to Sign-O-Matic who say they rather like Bloggers, and if I donate a blog post to some advertising then I get my sign for free. Free works for me ... whether it will work for over-eager delivery men or not is another matter.


  1. What...he took the hinges of your gate.
    I would be furious......and it take a lot to make me angry :)

    I do have the same people etc climb our gate and come onto the premises as if they own it. We have a buzzer and I can speak to them via that....but it is amazing just how many people do not bother to use it Grrrrrrr!!!

  2. No Cheryl, not that bad. I meant he was hanging over the gate trying to get to the bottom bolt and when he couldn't reach he shook the gate REALLY hard (as if that was going to make a difference ...)

    I've re-worded my second paragraph, thank you!

  3. A delivery man left a parcel for me in a corner where I never pass by the other day - it was by sheer chance that I found it.

  4. Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by. Never under-estimate a delivery driver. Last week I had to sign for a book which cost £5. Today a driver left computer equipment worth £100 by the shed whilst I was out. At least there was a card through the door ...

  5. Maybe a giant sign saying Enter at your peril would work!

  6. I like your suggestion Sue, and left to my own devices ..... but Management felt I shouldn't be too brutal in the way I worded it!

  7. Grrrrr--the gremlins ate my reply! Would a sign saying "welcome" placed toward the actual entrance help any? We don't check our front door often for packages, so unless we're expecting one it might sit there for days.

  8. That's OK Sue, they eat quite a few of my replies too! I've been trying to comment (sympathetically) on the five quilts you have to finish - but Google really didn't want me too!

    Don't really want to put more signs up, some 'strategically placed' flowerpots might help. I'll cogitate about it a while longer ☺

  9. What a lovely idea. Free signs for free advertising! We are very fortunate here, delivery drivers seem to be really keen to please. Obviously we don't have the same door issues you have, but they are normally very helpful at leaving things in sensible places if we're out. Must be those Western genes over your way - strange lot you West Cumbrians

  10. Thanks for the tip about the free signs, I have just ordered myself one, well its for Mrs TK really.

  11. Hi CB, in truth, our delivery men are generally extremely good and I make a point of getting to know all of them. I am sure offering cold cans of Pepsi in the summer and coffee mug refills in winter has nothing to do with it. This was a new chap - he came the following day as well with something for Management and was perfectly behaved!

    Steve, thanks for visiting. Hope your sign makes it to Guernsey OK.


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