Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pottering about

I'm not going to bang on about aches & pains but one simple fact can no longer be avoided. The cumulative effect of the work I've done over the last three years has become real damage and the load I have been putting on my body has got to stop. Last month I took myself to a physio who had been highly recommended and I received professional confirmation that muscles in my left leg and shoulder were not well . . . not at all well, in fact, rather poorly. I could quite happily live without the accolade of having certain shoulder muscles that were in the worse condition she has ever seen in her career. Full recovery is quite possible, but only if I modify my behaviour. LP is back from holiday this week; the list of jobs which have been allocated to him (rather than doing them myself) is already long and continues to grow!

Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon at the North Lakes Horticultural Soc. in Keswick. Great lecture by Lyn Brunetti on climbers. Followed this with a sunset stroll from Central car park to Friars Crag which would have been perfect if I hadn't had to stop at least twice to let my leg muscles calm down.

I still needed an outdoor fix, and a Sunday morning spent clearing the strawberry beds fitted the bill perfectly. There are lots of rooted babies which can stay put until the Spring when they will be potted up and given away. I have a list of friends waiting for them. Maybe by the time the plants go to their adoptive parents they will no longer be in flower?

Uncharacteristically sensible, I only did half of one bed.

Sign-O-Matic kept their promise and delivered my free sign. Management was slightly taken aback by the Stonehenge typeface but less puzzled when he realised I went for the most "Hobbit-like" lettering I could find, and that I was aiming for a friendly please don't rather than a less-welcoming p*ss off and go round the side! Whether or not I have succeeded remains to be seen. I need to find the little rubber thingies which have covers to hide the screws . . . I know we've jar of them somewhere in the shed.

On the subject of gates, a long-awaited delivery has finally been installed. Anyone who saw the metal monstrosities which were here before will agree these are a vast improvement.

The chain is a temporary fix until we come up with a permanent solution for a slight problem. Although the gates open inwards, the pedestrian gate insists on obeying gravity and tries to swing forward and catch unsuspecting visitors on the chin.


  1. what a stunning shot of Friars Crag. my whole body relaxed just looking at it.

  2. A-ha - somebody telling you to take it a bit easier who you might actually listen to? Gosh!

    Stunning pic - the water is so still.

    It looks like you too had gorgeous sunshine on Sunday. You have me & Sod's law to thank for that, due to the fact that I had committed to traipse around the shops all day rather than spending useful time in the fresh air at the Hill. Of course, when I am free next weekend, the weather will be filthy.

  3. Glad you are at least listening to someone! Still haven't tackled my strawberry bed (which is rooting babies into the bark path!)

  4. Dawn, Hazel, thank you for lovely comments, nice to know I'm not just chuntering away to myself ☺

    It wasn't just still, it was quiet. Despite Keswick being fairly busy, I was able to sit on one of the many benches overlooking the lake and there was no sound, NOTHING, no people, no traffic noise, complete silence (even the ducks shut up for a while!).

  5. Hi VH, as 'my' strawberries are really 'your' strawbs then you won't be surprised I have the same problem. I may leave the strongest looking offshoots and see how they fare over winter. I have plenty of potential homes for them if they survive the coming Ice Age.

  6. Hope your sign works and you manage to let your muscles recover!

    We have never picked fresh strawberries as late in the season!

  7. Thanks Sue, I won't be picking late strawberries. I've taken the flowers off because any fruit won't ripen now and I don't need the plants wasting their energy.

    The autumn raspberries are still producing the odd one or two.

  8. So there really is someone out there who you listen to? I was beginning to think there was no such person. I hope you continue to do what you're told so that you make a good recovery.

    What a gorgeous photo over the water. It looks so calm and peaceful

  9. Bit like a smoker or drinker Sue, an idiot doesn't quit until they're good and ready. You'd have enjoyed the walk to Friars Crag (flat all the way too), I'll take you next time you're up here.

  10. nothing worse than being in pain. i hope the doctor can help you out.

  11. Not a bad time of year to be told to take it easy, a bit of weather like we had last December and we'll all be indoors for a month! Your sign looks smart, glad they delivered on their promise. I may "invest" in one myself.

  12. Hi Ali, I could be enjoying this "resting" lark a bit too much! The sign is nice, hasn't been 'tested' yet but I think it will work.

  13. Laurie, thanks for your comment, I'll be fine thanks, it'll just take a little while. How is Boscoe this week? I remember so well being a 24/7 carer . . . can hardly believe it's been over two years. sigh.


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