Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hedge planting

Feeling a slight sense of urgency about the newly purchased hedging plants. This time last year it was minus 11 overnight and that will do young plants in pots no good whatsoever. Despite ridiculous amounts of rain recently which have left the soil far too wet to work on, I did it anyway.

Yesterday I counted out small canes and marked the probable planting positions of 30 Privet and ten Rosa rugosa. Also prepped the wheelbarrow with everything I might want for a speed planting session.

A bright and breezy couple of hours this morning saw much progress. The soil was so easy to shift because LP had dug it over in August and it took very little effort to make holes for the whips. Fantastic little plants most of which had quite massive root systems.

It's not easy to make a photo of twigs in mud look good . . . trust me, they look fantastic and in a couple of years we'll have some sturdy little evergreen plants giving the garden more protection and privacy.

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