Monday, 7 November 2011

Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today I locked the door in Hampshire for the last time, put the keys through the letterbox and headed north. With a fully loaded vehicle, Ollie viewed the journey with his usual equanimity. He loved being in the car having worked out early on that wherever the car went, we went too.*

Management had gone up the day before to sign the rental lease and be ready for the removal vans. The Boy and I pulled up 7 long and tiring hours later just as the last van finished unloading. A smart little house in Cockermouth, and it even had a view.

Who would have thought that four years later we would be waking up to this? (With Huge Thanks to Management for (a) making it all possible and (b) and a wonderful cup of tea in bed today.)

* A sound bit of dog logic which scared us witless one day when packing up to leave a holiday cottage in Ambleside. Ollie was missing! A rapid search of the bedrooms to see if he'd sneaked off for a quick sleep, charge outside to look for him in the road, and then laughing from Management. He'd found Ollie who was making sure we didn't forget to pack the most important thing!

Somewhat ironic seeing as Ollie NEVER travelled in the boot in his life. He considered the back seat "his" and heaven help anyone who thought otherwise.


  1. Has it really been FOUR years? Knock me down with a feather.

    Not just a handsome chap, but clever too…

  2. Sue, James, thanks for your comments. In the top photo he is laying on "his" duvet, head on a pillow and because of all his hair you cannot see the 'seat belt harness' to keep him safe .... not spoilt at all, huh?

    James, not just clever, but being ultra careful. Prior to coming to us at 8 months old he had been neglected and abandoned, and for the rest of his life was worried about being left again. We could never put him in kennels - the time I tried just for a day to see how he got on, he was so stressed he 'self-harmed' and pulled all the hair out of his legs and kept going until he bled ...

    PS: I don't know where the last four years of your life has gone either ☺

  3. Time does have a way of getting away from us, doesn't it? Good to hear from you again. Hope you and management are both well.

  4. What a Fab day for an anniversary. It was white over here too, and beautiful for the second cloudless day in a row. It doesn't get much better than this does it?

  5. Frost on the grass this morning - ugh! Autumn drizzle and a chill in the air here - but the leaves are fantastic!

  6. Hi FFG, all well here thanks. Taking a much needed brek from the garden whilst LP is on holiday.

    CB - stunning here all day and will be cold again tonight, not a cloud in the sky. No wind either, as you say: doesn't get much better than this.

    Hi Hazel, you're right, leaf colour is fantastic this year.

  7. All we've got in the way of weather is a drizzly mist. Sunday was gorgeous though with clear blue skies and beautiful leaves.
    Happy anniversary.

  8. Thank you Sue. Has your throat recovered from all our talking?

  9. Belated Happy Anniversary from me too. Cannot believe it's been four years!

  10. Thanks Jill, where has the time gone? Keep meaning to email you - did you come over for Angie's 214?


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