Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Sadly, we now have an explanation for those reds Missing in Action. A neighbour who lives further up the road (nearer to where we think the dreys are) has found two bodies in the last month - road kill.

It's a country lane. The speed limit is 60mph and there are plenty of idiots around here who think that is appropriate. Red Squirrels tend to have less road sense than hedgehogs. Last time I encountered one when I drove down the road the daft little thing stayed on the tarmac but tried to run in front of the car - it was a couple of hundred yards before it went into the verge.

That's five deaths in 12 months (three were killed this time last year), time to have a word with the local squirrel protection group although I don't hold out any hope of it making a difference.


  1. Sad news. We have had to deal with two deaths this end of the village here as well (and it's a 30mph limit). It is heartbreaking when a neighbour brings them to us to deal with. The only thing you can realistically do is put up signs on the roadside (officially they should be on private property, but we nailed them to telegraph poles and trees). Sadly they make very little difference though as we had them up before this years fatalities. Birds Bistro sell them at £1 donation to Penrith red Squirrels per sign.

  2. Bit ironic, with red squirrels having such poor road sense that Tufty was the symbol of numerous 'keep safe on the road' campaigns#

    In the section marked 'good news', though, did you see the article in yesterday's Telegraph yesterday about the population of reds going from an introduced 22 on a scottish estate to 360-odd in the space of about 3 years? (not sure if this link will work - here goes:)
    <a href="">Jane Rice on Red Squirrels</a>

  3. Darn - you get the idea!

  4. That must be so sad to see.

    Excellent photos of yours though - the bottom one looks like it's found a pair of hair crimpers!

  5. Such a shame, they are such beautiful creatures. As if the poor things haven't enough to contend with. Lovely photos.

  6. CB, thank you for that info. If local group can't help I'll go and buy some signs myself. I know a couple of the landowners on that section of road, otherwise I might just get LP to help me fix them to trees. etc.

    Hazel, missed that article, but thank you.

    James, Jill, heartbreaking ...


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