Sunday, 20 November 2011

Continuing to potter

Pottering in the potager. So many strong little strawberry plants that another bed has been 'borrowed' so they can over-winter nicely.

Have stumbled upon the place where all Bag End ladybirds have decided to set up camp. I didn't want to deprive them of a hibernation site so I've left a couple of plants untrimmed and piled up a load of dry leaves for good measure. These plants are getting lifted next Spring as I want to use a corner of this bed for something else, so no need to clean them up for the winter. Have also added windbreak netting, it's surprising just how much difference it makes.

Seeing as I don't need another 100 strawberries and neither do the friends who are having some plants next year I have hatched a new plan for the surplus. As with all Bag End Plans, it will be doomed to failure if I mention it in advance, so I won't!

All this 'taking it easy' does have a downside. I might have been doing considerably less but I have been eating exactly the same amount - you can see where this is going, can't you? Whilst I have hardly become obese, friends know that I am of reasonably small stature and therefore the addition of unwanted pounds to my little frame is not a good thing. Walking long distances is still not a comfortable option so until I can head back out to the hills and burn off a few calories, the mince pies are just going to have to manage without me. Bugger!

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