Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A bottle of Chardonnay

I heard the tell-tale noise of a neighbour sweeping up a mass of leaves. Went to see him and asked "if I sweep up your leaves for you, please can I have them?" The answer I didn't expect was "no, I'll sweep them up and then you can have them". I supplied a couple of empty bulk bags and got this in return.

It hasn't been a good year for collecting leaves; LP was away and I was out of action at the prime collecting time and most of them have blown away by now, so this is a most welcome addition to the leafmould bins. The bags were completely full when Richard brought them round, they've slumped quite a bit since then. He tried to refuse the Chardonnay I delivered to say "thanks" so I told him he could consider it a down-payment on next years leaf harvest ...


  1. For the first time I've collected leaves to make leafmould - your influence, Bilbo, got me to watch Gardeners' World and Monty showed how to do it. I felt like a real gardener for 5 minutes.

  2. Well done Roddie, make sure they are moist rather than soggy and next Spring you can spread them half-rotted as a mulch or wait until next Autumn when they'll be well and truly rotted down.

    I can never wait - I use them sooner rather than later!


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