Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bits and pieces

Another gentle Sunday messing around with small jobs. Finally finished putting windbreak across all the blue holly which was planted in August. I always intended to do the whole bed but guess it's one of those jobs where I had to stop before I'd finished, for whatever reason, and just never got back to it. With the ferocious winds we've been having recently, could not leave this any longer.

(The eagle eyed [hello James] will notice two of the 'usual suspects' making a quick exit stage right plus a newly arrived green cage on the left ... more on that later)

Made a start on straightening up the nursery area which LP and I are going to completely reorganise at some point during the winter, and washed the remaining Coolglass off the greenhouse. Must work out a different way of providing shade next summer, I'd like to use external blinds which can be rolled up or down as necessary but some of our summer wind is as strong as that in winter so not sure how to do this ...

Topped up the log baskets for the coming week and wandered around enjoying seeing how things are growing.

Top right, Clematis Nelly Moser which really should not be flowering at the end of November

Parsley gone gloriously to seed in the Potager

I don't expect to be picking raspberries at the end of November . . .


  1. I discovered this year that the easiest way to shade a green house is with scaffolding net. I simply pegged it to the outside. It was easy to fit and easy to move if need be.

    Regards, Sarah.

  2. That's a great idea Sarah, thank you. I know where to get scaffold net at a decent price. Fixing it against the wind will need more than some pegs but I have all winter to think about that ...

  3. Looking good - and looking a lot drier than we are at the moment. Standing water all around here, with a very squaddy garden. Nelly Moser is still flowering here as well - along with a lot of other things, it's great, but bizarre. Crab apple looks lovely and bright.

  4. I have been following your blog for a while now and I must say your garden is looking wonderful. Well done!

  5. Hi CB, it might look drier but the camera really does lie! Your Nelly Moser looking fabulous (but it is a lot bigger and better established than mine).

    The crab apple is a bright spot on a dull day but the birds don't seem to be interested in the fruit.

  6. I got mine from a local building site. I popped by with a tin of biscuits and asked the foreman if he had any spare net that he would like to swap for these delicious home made biscuits.
    'Blue or green, how much?' was the reply.
    I fitted mine to the outside as it helps reduce the bird poo I need to clean off in the autumn. Looking at your photos perhaps the stuff you use for the windbreaks may work just as well.

    p.s So glad to see the Reds back.


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