Thursday, 20 October 2011

What a lot of weather

We've had more than our fair share of weather so far this month, and much of it in the last couple of days. Tuesday afternoon brought a monumental storm - lashing rain, hail and at least one gust of wind outside the house of more than 40 miles per hour.

Wednesday night gave the first 'zero' on the thermometer - freezing point at bedtime (and the same at 8.00 the following morning).

In between, however, a perfect Autumn day - cold but not too cold, no wind, and the most brilliant of blue skies with wall-to-wall sunshine all day. Whilst I laboured in soggy soil trying to get the rest of the shrubs planted, one of our favourite visitors did his/her best to empty the hazelnut feeder - again - and didn't mind me creeping within ten feet to take some photos.

If we lived somewhere prone to flooding I would be more than a little nervous at present. This month has been very wet, overnight downpours seem to be the norm, the ground is saturated, river levels are high. In 2009 we had an extremely wet October, followed by a very wet November, and by the time we got to the deluge of 19th November there was just nowhere left for the water to go.


  1. Oh my. The little red one is beautiful. His fur is so shiny. Hate to hear of the extra rain. We'd love to have some of it here. Way below normal all across the south, but Texas the worst by far.

  2. Hi Sue, you can have as much of this rain as you like. I know Texas is suffering dreadfully, it's been a weird year so far and I don't think the weather is finished with us yet.

  3. Great photos of your little visitor. As for the weather, let's not even talk about it, it's been so weird this year.

  4. Hi QuiltSue, is it still raining on your own garden make-over?

  5. Just three words from me: squirrel, insanely jealous!

  6. Crazy weather here too - its veered between summer temps and frosts and everything in between in the past week, Today its about 20C outside, and wall to wall sunshine!

    Envy you the red squirrels - although think they would have to settle for peanuts in my garden!

  7. Hi Zoë, thanks for visiting. Far too warm here also, have had to shed layers whilst working outside this morning.

    Our squirrels don't touch the peanut feeders, even though they could get to them if they wished. Apparently too many peanuts can cause calcium deficiency.

  8. You've still managed to plant more things than I have, even when dodging the weather! :(
    It's been warm and soggy recently here too, but definitely getting colder now - going to have to start reversing the Landy up the driver...just in case of bad weather! :P

  9. Haha - Ooops! I meant 'drive', not 'driver'!!!
    Freudian slip perhaps?!

  10. CB, sorry, not really ignoring you. Glad you liked the squiggle pictures, many thanks for the comment.

    Nutty, the planting has been an absolute slog. Last year I had lots of shrubs and perennials in pots because the ground wasn't ready for them. I thought the greenhouse would give shelter over winter but that didn't allow for the Ice Age known as Winter 2010/11! Didn't want to lose more plants this year.

    Know what you mean about the weather changing, definitely colder here too.


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