Saturday, 8 October 2011

Relaxing day

A forecast of heavy rain (which thankfully did not materialise) and soil which is sodden, not good conditions in which to put plants in the ground. Feeling a little anxious that if I don't get the new trees and shrubs from the nursery area into the soil soon they won't have much time to settle in before winter hits us. In the petrol station this morning I saw a most unwelcome headline:

Hoping this is nothing more than scaremongering to sell a few more papers, but a couple of smug points because our winter tyres are bought, paid for (at summer prices) and waiting safely at the local tyre place until we want them fitted.

I accept that my idea of 'relaxing' might not be everyone's idea of an easy day; driving to Honister, loading half a ton of slate into the car, driving back and unloading it all (with help from Management) might not be doing nothing but it is certainly less than I normally fit into a day.

It doesn't look like so much stacked up here but I got at least twice the weight in the car than I did last time!

Followed by a thoroughly indulgent afternoon sitting in front of the wood burner with Downton Abbey. Have been saving it on the Sky box, watched the first episode very slowly - could it be better than the first series?

Edit 12th October : last night's local weather broadcast said this was "tabloid scaremongering".


  1. I definitely did NOT like that headline. I'm still waiting for the summer. Still, as long as it waits till after the end of the month. We don't want snow to prevent you driving south do we?

  2. Morning Sue, don't like the thought of our weekend being snowed on ...... can we think 'heatwave thoughts' instead?

  3. I've just totted up the rainfall here, and up to the end of Sept, we have had nearly three inches more than we had in the whole of 2010 (albeit a dry year). We've had over an inch already in October and it's been raining all day today. If I hadn't been to Northants 2 weeks ago, I wouldn't have believed all this drought stuff.

  4. PS. Her ladyship says 'WOOF WOOF' for the biscuits.

  5. Hi CB, hmm, thanks for that nugget of info (I think). Don't find it surprising, must get a rain gauge like the one you have on your fence and start keeping records here too.

    Please tell Her Ladyship "you're welcome" ☺☺

  6. Just catching up on all your great works, you have had a busy month! But what progress, I wonder how many hours you'll while away watching your electricity meter hee, hee!

  7. Not many Ali, because it is downstairs in the garage! I plan to spend numerous hours watching the ponds next year though.


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