Friday, 14 October 2011

Path Edge

The last big job before LP goes on holiday is to put a timber edge in place along the new path. Weather permitting (hollow laugh) I would like to make a start on raking the soil level and getting some grass seed sown.

Firstly however, a sizeable pebble had to be moved . . .

It's more of a small glacial erratic and weighs so much that it will be staying right where it is until Mighty Mouse returns from vacation because neither Management or I are even going to think about moving it!

As the current rainfall levels are ensuring we spend much of every winter practising for Glastonbury the decision has been made to (eventually) cover all of the working area with shredded bark. This will blend nicely with the nursery area and cuts down on some awkward lawn mowing. A kerb of paving slabs should prevent too much bark kicking onto the Cottage Garden grass.


  1. Two lengths of rope - one around either end of the stone, with you on one rope, management on the other. I guarantee even a pair of wimps could move that stone, so you two will have no trouble at all. In fact,one of you will probably manage it on your own with the help of the rope. Even LP is allowed a holiday!!

  2. Hmm, thanks CB, not sure I really understand what you mean, perhaps you could come over here and show me? ☺☺

    {ducking .... danger of low flying wellies}

  3. I would with pleasure, if only I had time! A sling at each end - does that make any more sense?

  4. Wedge - turn on its end - Standing Stone - Bob's your uncle!

  5. Logs as rollers and a couple of bits of wood as levers'll soon get it shifted - it's only little!!! :D
    Good to have a chance to catch up on what you've been up to whilst I've been busy elsewhere...but I'm NOT going to show Himself your post on the covered area by your log store - he'll get ideas!!

  6. Dear CB, you are retired, of course you have time (chortle!)

    VH - good idea, but not quite Castlerigg Stone Circle ☺

    Hi Liz, good to hear from you again. Thanks for the advice; we are perfectly capable of moving that stone if necessary, but teasing Country Bumpkin about not driving down the A66 to lend a hand is far more fun. I remember the huge stones you moved - how are things progressing at Nutty Towers?

    I am sure that Himself would have great fun creating his own version of our covered area (which, even with just a tarp on, makes a fabulous space to work in).


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