Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Getting a few jobs finished

LP is about to go on holiday so we are spending this week trying to get a few jobs finished before my essential labourer disappears half way around the world.

Cutting in some of the recently acquired slate to edge the small pond:

small pond betwen the Potager and Cottage Garden

and using a couple of other bits to make a base for the bench in the Coppice.

on the right is a small "Toad Hall" made from lichen-covered roof tiles.

Extra fence posts were knocked into the fedge bed ready for me to make some changes (when I am not doing anything else, ha ha ha).

LP also put some posts into the Coppice bank. Although this is not intended as a regular route it will be helpful to have easy access to the top of the bank and I shall make steps - eventually. The other end is low enough to walk onto, this end needed a bit of assistance.

For reasons which completely escape me, I have managed not to mention the monumental task which has occupied LP for much of the last month. The uneven ground between the shed and log store has been dug out and made level.

Big fence posts, trusses, purlins and all things roof-like!

There isn't time to finish roofing the shed area before he goes away so we've fixed up tarpaulin. It might not be 100% water-tight but it's an order of magnitude better than anything I had before. Sadly, these pictures do not do it justice and make everything look very messy and a bit rubbish, and it's not - it is a fantastic working area and I am hugely grateful to Management for coming up with the idea.

There is also similar construction activity going on between the shed and the greenhouse . . .

And an unacceptably high manhole chamber got modified:

In other news - LP doesn't spend all his time here and whenever possible I've been getting outside to finish up small jobs on my own;

Planting behind the pond and re-arranging bits of slate (I think that task will happily occupy me for months as I continue to fiddle with the pond edge)

Cutting grass, mulching and weeding, all of which are currently thoroughly enjoyable because they actually feel like real gardening (as opposed to the heavy-duty building, shifting, whatever that has occupied much of the last three years)

The only thing missing from this post is pictures of newly planted trees and shrubs. Although the weather during the day is quite reasonable at present, it seems that it has rained, heavily, all night, every night, for at least a week. The ground is completely sodden and it's too wet to go onto clay soil and start digging big holes. Am not at all happy - if we're going to have another Arctic-like winter I need everything from the nursery out of pots and in the ground, and I need the plants in soil now so that they have a chance to get their roots down and settle before the bad weather really sets in. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

This is what I woke up to one morning, it's normal to put a liner in first ...

Not all rain, much of this is run-off. Yes, it really IS as horrible and muddy as it looks.


  1. Oh Dear:-( Wet through here as well. Talking to one of our farming friends yesterday, he reckons his land is as wet as he's ever seen it. Perhaps you will get away without lining the pond?

  2. Hee, hee, that's why it's called the Lake District :o). Wish we'd had a bit more down here, it's so dry. I loved the hot weather at the beginning of the month, but the last week or so has been grey and nothingy. We'll avoid coming to visit this November, maybe that way you'll avoid the floods you've had the last couple of years.

  3. Hi CB, I nearly phoned you this afternoon to find out if you'd been blown away. Gust of 43 mph recorded earlier. I wouldn't want to be anywhere low-lying at present, this much October rain is reminding me horribly of 2009.

    SewAli, why don't you come anyway and see if you can take some of the rain away with you? Or I could bring it with me next weekend?

  4. Teehee, that picture of the mud looks just like my front garden too. Supposedly, the skip is going today and the stones are coming and the Ken is going to be spreading them, but since it's pouring again, who knows?

  5. QuiltSue, Look forward to seeing your "new" front garden next week, suspect it will be finished a lot sooner than mine!


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