Saturday, 1 October 2011

Front hedge

We've never liked the Escallonia hedge at the front. Careful pruning was never going to revitalise it and severe reshaping with a chainsaw hasn't improved it a great deal either.

Much of it is dead and full of honey fungus - it has to go.

Over the last couple of days Management and I managed to get rid of half of it and we'll put this through the big bark chipper next time Arbor-Tec are here. Geoff is lined up to remove all the stumps once the bed is clear.

This leaves us horribly exposed; what little privacy we had is even further eroded. The willow screen helps a bit and we will put windbreak mesh up as well, both to cut down on the visibility and hopefully to protect the Cottage Garden planting. There's never a good time to take an old hedge out - do it in Autumn and we'll be thrashed by the wind all winter. Do it in Spring and the birds will have started to eye up possible nesting sites.

I don't even want to think about the 700+ daffodil bulbs that were planted two years ago and will get thoroughly trashed by Geoff's digger bucket if I leave them where they are .....

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