Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Extreme HRT

It wasn't planned, honest . . . I was bimbling down the A66 on a wet Sunday afternoon to have tea and home-bakes with Country Bumpkin when it seemed like a good idea to pop into the Little Dodd Garden Centre. I was going past and had a few minutes to spare. This was either a very good move (if you're a gardener) or a bad move (if you're paying the bills). I found a recent delivery of lovely trees, just waiting to be taken home.

As none of them would fit in the car I went back on Monday morning to select half a dozen at leisure and they were delivered this morning.

Two large hazel to get the Coppice area started, two Crateagus 'Paul's Scarlett', Laburnum, Malus, Amelanchier and an interesting autumn-flowering Cherry.

Now please, pretty please, could the weather possibly behave long enough for me to get them safely in the ground?

* for those new to The Shire, HRT is Horticultural Retail Therapy.

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