Monday, 31 October 2011

Did I blink and miss it?

Did I blink and miss October as it whizzed past, speed enhanced by autumn winds?

Don't feel like I spent much time outside this month or achieved a great deal. Although I kept forgetting to put pink 'bad weather' dots on the calendar we've not been without more than our fair share of storms. It seemed to rain mainly at night and the ground is completely sodden. A friend with a proper weather station who keeps much better records than I ever could recorded 2½ inches of rain by 17th October, goodness knows what the final total was. There has been far too much wind for this time of year and with the plants still in leaf, many have taken quite a battering.

LP went off on holiday mid-month and that has given me a break. He's been here a lot in the last six months and reckons I am working alongside him about 75% of the time, no wonder I am exhausted!

By my normal standards I've taken it easy and done a few jobs inside. I've made a start on painting the outside of the house, a project which we intended to start when Management was on holiday but a new roof and unhelpful weather put paid to that idea.

More painting of an outdoor kind - black wood preservative on the path edge which LP fixed up. I had hoped to get some of the soil piles levelled out but that's not going to happen on my watch - another job for LP.

I've tried to plant bulbs in the Coppice but been thwarted by tree roots, soil that's had a large digger run back and forwards over it and the discovery of another manhole chamber about which we knew nothing. Common sense prevailed and I am leaving the whole damn lot until LP is back - he can dig, I'll do the fun bit of putting bulbs into freshly turned soil.

I took time out to visit QuiltSue, QuiltAli and VegHeaven. There are no pictures as we didn't manage to get a camera out for the whole weekend (or quilt project for that matter), we were too busy laughing and talking. Taking something of a detour home I called in to visit mother-in-law's new house and managed a trip to two garden centres the following morning. That netted a couple of lovely Red Dock for the small pond and half a dozen more Hazel for the Coppice.


  1. More progress even without LP do the heavy stuff - well done! Good that the weather has enabled you to turn your attentions to the house painting too. Have you finished your internal decorating & have you got a SEWING ROOM yet?

    PS I'm pretty sure that it's only me who needs the capitalisation...

  2. Hazel, funnily enough ..... if I was up to date with the blog you would know that was exactly what I'd been doing in the last week!

    Just back from buying shelving for sewing room cupboards and having a much needed coffee.


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