Friday, 16 September 2011

Where did the week go?

Where on earth did the week go? I'm not sure it's a good thing if I am too busy to blog, it is certainly not funny when I have to sit down for more than a moment and wrack the poor remaining Brain Cell to recall what I've done for the past five days.

The beginning of the week was fully occupied with Velux sun tubes and solar panels. We didn't get the Velux's changed but Stephen spent the best part of a day modifying the lead skirts so they looked much better.

Solway Renewables are working hard to get replacement solar panels from the manufacturer and that problem should be fixed early next week. Numerous phone calls and me going up and down the scaffolding taking photographs of very specific bits gobbled up another chunk of time.

The scaffolding went from the back of the house and all of a sudden we seemed to have much more space. The new roof looks lovely and we're glad to have made the investment in new gutters & drainpipes. Shame the weather didn't co-operate during Management's holiday because we still have a mud room FULL of exterior paint which hasn't made it onto the house walls.

The end of the week saw LP return for two days to blitz the vastly overgrown Coppice area prior to the Tonka Toys arriving.

He then turned his attention to the shed area where huge quantities of soil were moved in order to level the ground.

It doesn't sound like much written down like this but Management was away all week (and I took him to the station at 5.00am on Monday), I had a seemingly endless procession of visitors, a couple of meetings, a haircut and an essential trip to the supermarket before we ran out of everything, so it certainly wasn't a quiet week. There was also fitting Gutter Guard along the front of the house (the dratted scaffolders whisked the back away before I could do it but at least I can reach that from a ladder), plus touching up the metal canopy with Hammerite and a carpenter here all day on Friday joining in the cursing about the sun tubes as he worked in the loft to fit them all together.

Definitely worth it though, we had a last minute brainwave and added one to the kitchen and the additional light it brings into the room is astounding.

The roofers finished repointing the chimney stack and used the leftover cement to face a brick pillar which Wayne started working on ten months ago.

Typical then, that the following day Wayne turned up to do the render himself ... so all he had to do was apply a dash coat and that's another job completed and waiting for me to get the paint out.

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