Tuesday, 27 September 2011


The solar panels were changed yesterday. Hopefully we now have 16 panels the same colour, rather than 13 brown ones and 3 greyish ones ...

Whilst I am more than a little pleased to be rid of it, I will miss the scaffolding. Actually, no, I won't miss the scaffolding itself because it was big and in the way, made the rooms at the back dark and we had to limbo around it on occasions. What I shall miss is the opportunity to get up to roof level and view the garden from above. I love living in a bungalow but it does mean we miss out on the opportunity to view the land from a different perspective.

Even Management agrees there is something compelling about looking down on our garden and he loved being at eye level with the trees at the back although this unusual view of the utility area doesn't really show it at its best!

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