Thursday, 1 September 2011

The 'relaxing' holiday continues

It always surprises me how many questions and conversations arise from having workmen in the house. I am not sure how people manage when they hand the house over to a team first thing and have to toddle off to work.

If ever proof of perished roofing felt was needed .....

Thanks to a very clever belt hoist, it didn't take long to load the front of the roof.

Re-pointing the chimney and general TLC was always part of the plan, including removing some cracked bricks. I'm reliably informed it looks much worse than it really is and there is nothing to be concerned about, (oh really?)

Although there hasn't been any proper gardening this week, Management and LP are busy drawing plans for our next little bit of garden organisation. I am more than happy to agree with everything they suggest - it's bliss not to have to do the thinking and working out the difficult stuff. Thanks guys, I know what you are planning is going to be FAB-U-LOUS.

Emergency protection of planting before some noxious but effective timber treatment is applied to the barge boards.

The roof crew continue to exceed my expectations. A family business run by two brothers, one of whom is father to the girl working here and one of the young men. They have the quiet professionalism of a team who are well used to working together although there is more than a little banter and teasing. So far I have only heard one swear word the entire week - and that was when someone made a mistake with the belt hoist and it was necessary to hit the emergency stop button quickly.


  1. Yikes, that felt really is kna---, erm, perished!

  2. James, looking at it we're surprised not to have had more leaks ......

  3. Looks like the job's coming along nicely, I'm pleased you've got a good team, it's bad enough having to spend so much on the house!

    Often times a change is as good as a holiday ...

  4. You're right SewAli, and as Management has to travel so much on business the last thing he wants to do when he's on holiday is go away.

  5. Come along Bilbo, of course you've heard more than one naughty word this week. you've been in my company for a start! Pleased the roof is progressing well. How are the snails?

  6. Dear Mrs B, I thought you behaved perfectly the other night, thank you for coming over - lovely evening. Snails are hiding in the algae at the bottom of the pond, I keep trying to get outside and plant the hostas and colchicums but haven't managed it yet. Hopefully with no tradesmen around at the weekend I might be more successful.


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