Saturday, 3 September 2011

Plans change

This young Red seems to think that my plan for an evergreen holly hedge opposite the kitchen window requires some modification.

He systematically emptied an entire feeder of hazelnuts and buried the lot.

Lousy pictures because it was raining hard and the light levels were poor. That's why I only got one abysmal shot of something we have waited more than two years for.

Management spotted him investigating the nesting box and popping inside for a quick reconnaissance.


  1. Oh, how wonderful!! Let' keep the fingers crossed. Our "dratted" little gray squirrels are forever emptying the feeder of peanuts and burying them all over the place. We see them sprouting in the strangest places. I wonder how many they actually eat???

    Oh, and the ruby throated hummers are back!! I see several a day now and I'm sure more will be coming.

  2. Thanks girls, I know how lucky we are to have Reds here and if one should use our nest box that would be amazing. I just wish public opinion would swing far enough that the country could deal with the grey problem because I fear in my lifetime these beautiful creatures will be eradicated by the presence of greys.

    FFG - no hummers here, you lucky thing.

  3. OMG Red Squirrels, what a gift.
    I have a passion for them. Of course, they are extinct in my area and that makes me so sad.
    I do hope they use your nesting box and look forward to seeing them in the future......

  4. Cheryl, you are absolutely right - having the squirrels here nearly every day is a real gift.

    If you want to see more, click on 'red squirrel' under Labels [right-hand side of page] and you will get all the posts about these beautiful little visitors (there will be more than one page, at the bottom of each click on 'older posts'). Hope you enjoy!

  5. Hi Mo, even after 3½ years it is still a thrill to see them and makes us stop what we are doing.

  6. I honestly don't think I have ever seen one. we have lots of greys in our garden but how lovely to see your red one.

  7. Hi Sheffy, thanks for dropping by. Lots of places in Cumbria you can watch red squirrels if you come up on holiday - bring the grandchildren?

    I'm afraid I feel incredibly antagonistic towards greys now I have seen how small and delightful the reds are. Grey squirrel are nothing but tree rats and I would cull the whole damn lot of them given a chance.

  8. Here's hoping that you have (red) kittens adoring Bag End next spring.

  9. I love the first shot, it never ceases to amaze me how agile they are. One of ours has taken to hanging upside down from his back feet.
    Hope the roof is still vaguely intact after todays weather - we have been suffering our famous 'Village wind' for the last 24 hours, and I guess it will have been similar with you. Wet, wet, wet too! Poor Management, not good holiday weather;-(

  10. ps. I love the word verification on this thing 'SKINKIE' that sounds like the word of the week from now on!

  11. James, kittens would be something, yes? I think that would warrant a visit from the Chief Photographer and many hours sitting in a hide near the kitchen window. (BTW, they would be adorning Bag End, we would be adoring THEM!)

    CB: have you noticed our feeders have part of the acrylic front cut away because Bag End squiggles don't like pushing the lid up?

    Yes, weather atrocious, no roofing so far this week and only a minor leak over the weekend. Not one of Management's best holidays possibly, but we've had worse.

    I don't know about Skinkie, yesterday was a messy, awkward, nothing-went-right day and that was positively STINKY.

  12. I did mean adorning but spotted the typo immediately after pressing the post button — and seeing you cannot edit comments... Oh well, they can adore Bag End too with its three water features and wildlife-friendly planting!


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