Saturday, 17 September 2011

Magic moment

Tired Hobbit almost forgot ...

After LP and Geoff went home Management and I were having a long cogitate about how to fix the top pond. He was standing near the house, I was sitting on the grass with my feet in the pond, back to the bird feeders.

"Ssshh" he suddenly says "DON'T MOVE!" Out of the corner of my eye I saw a Red Squirrel running along the hedge line behind me. I was able to turn around slowly and sat maybe 7 or 8 feet away from a young Red as he ate a couple of hazelnuts (very noisy eater!) then chose a third and ran across the garden with it.

Bless his little furry self, he ran to the Coppice and onto the raised bank we have created and buried the nut in freshly turned soil. Less than half a day after the earth had been moved, nature is already planting hazel along this edge.

I'll take that as a very good omen because I have several home-grown hazel seedlings waiting to go in this very spot!


  1. That's lovely! Your chosen spot blessed by a Red Squirrel :)

  2. Hazel seems a good choice of native to grow given your red visitors. Perhaps there will come a time when you don't have to buy as many bulk bags of nuts for them.

  3. James, with three (possibly four) daily Red visitors we are getting through expensive hazelnuts at an alarming rate. I wouldn't mind so much if they ate all the blessed things but they bury twice as many as they eat.


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