Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Light Duties

I am still officially on 'light duties' to give my wrist a chance to settle down. With a bit of care, however, a great deal can still be accomplished with one hand.

Whilst it was great that Arbor-Tec sprayed bark chippings all over the Coppice, when I looked in detail it wasn't an even enough layer to make planting very easy. Although Management thought I was nuts (so what's new??) I decided to rake all of it into one place so I could start again. With a bit of care, raking can be done one-handed!

I was able to use silver birch from the recent Delicate Surgery to outline a path and the rest was fairly straightforward:

This is a fabulous place to sit; peaceful and semi-secluded it is unlike any other part of Bag End, and there is still a view of Grasmoor (honestly, it is there, under the clouds!).

Much planting to do, Country Bumpkin has been clearing out her own garden and has kindly donated many hostas for this shady area, there are also some lovely self-seeded Foxgloves which you can't see. I have zillions of snowdrop and daffodil bulbs to plant but the soil is absolutely sodden and it will all have to wait.

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