Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Finally, Honister

I know the Doctor just told me to rest my wrist for a week but first I've just got to ....

Look, it's taken me a month to get organised enough to drive to Honister and try the "fill your boot for £20" from the huge rubbish pile in their yard. I promised Management I wouldn't do anything stupid and had a lovely drive through Buttermere to the slate mine.

On reflection I could probably have brought home two or three times as much slate as I actually did. The car suspension didn't seem to be affected at all by the weight and neither was the handling. A very nice chap on holiday from Durham helped me put the biggest bit in the back of Hattie and LP unloaded it all when I got home.


  1. since when have you done as your told when it comes to your 'to do' list in the garden? Hope you're wrist isn't suffering too much (I'm sure your heart is glad with the result!)

  2. Pond edging perchance? Given your propensity to tackle anything and everything, the drive down to Honister must have been quite relaxing, enlightening even, given that for the past few weeks you've eaten, slept and breathed roofs and ponds!

  3. Hi Nic, thanks for a very good laugh - you know me so well! As I am so behind with all my blogging, wrist was pretty much recovered by the time I posted this, all seems well now, thank you.

    Morning James, yes the stone is for pond edging and as stepping stones in the beds which have been double-dug so as not to compact the soil. The drive to Honister was quite lovely and a good reminder that I ought to get out of the garden and into the Park rather more often.


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