Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Er, before you go ...

Whilst I am prepared to accept that a large digger is the only way to tackle some of the big landscaping jobs at Bag End, it doesn't mean I have to like the mess they make. It seemed sensible, therefore, to have Geoff do as much as possible before he and his marvellous machine departed.

We've always wanted to put a wide and level path at the back of the house. Going to the shed or log store in winter on sloping and slippery grass is no fun.

Less than three hours to strip off the turf which LP and I made into a huge loam stack*, then the soil was scraped out so that we can lay a proper path ... eventually ... when we've finished with all the current projects. In the meantime it looks like hell and and is also competing for a part in the Saving Private Ryan part 2.

*which proved to be a stupid thing to do because 24 hours later I was dealing with strained tendons in my wrist that had swollen so much they were pressing on the ulna nerve ... think a combination of being stabbed with a fine needle and electric shocks. Nerves don't like being messed with like this and I didn't enjoy it much either! Bad enough that I went straight to the Doctor. For once I actually did what I was told {mostly} and RESTED it for the best part of week.


  1. I trust no orchids were harmed in the making of the making of the Hobbit Highway to the logstore — I can see an inverted cage and wonder how you'll manage around it {g}

    Good on you for creating (and being prepared to live with) even more mess — far better than digging it all out by hand next year.

  2. James, don't worry, the one orchid which was on the path line has been relocated to the Coppice.

    As for the mess - trying not to dwell on it and focussing on how good it will be once done ... sigh


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