Friday, 2 September 2011

Dare to dream

One thing I've learnt about gardening at Bag End is that if you want to do something, you need to do it BIG. I've always said I wanted to put a pond where the bonfire pit has been and this is what Management came up with. I'm not complaining - if you click on the photo to enlarge it you'll see why

Although the scaffolding gives me a wonderful photographic viewpoint, even I can't see around corners - this is what the right-hand end of our 'joint the dots' game looks like:

LP, Management and LP's friend Who Is An Expert With Man-Size Tonka Toys assessing The Coppice:

I was going to stop once the Cottage Garden was straight. Honest. I was. In fact, I really wanted to. I am exhausted and most days every major body part hurts when I wake up and is still grumbling when I collapse back into bed. Unfortunately, Bag End is beset with Dependencies and once again those ruddy dependencies mean I am not done just yet.

In this instance the Dependency is our need to establish some evergreen planting (hedge/mixed shrubs) just inside the hawthorn hedge to give us privacy and start to grow a shelter belt. LP's recent ground clearing and digging has shown just how much the soil level drops in this part of the garden and is therefore the obvious candidate as a location for all the spoil that will need a home when the ponds are dug. Seeing as we would like to get some of the evergreen planting established before this coming winter we HAVE to make a start on major ground-works and excavations in order to get the soil in the right place....

And then there's The Coppice which we can currently do very little with because the ground levels are uneven and in places downright dangerous (think ankle twisting holes lurking under a thick layer of comfrey). No way we can get a large digger to this area once a pond and stream are constructed so it has to be done first, or at least at the same time.

Guess the time off for good behaviour is going to have to wait.


  1. And there was me swearing that I heard you say that you had a date with some fellwalking planned...

    Ah well the four-letter word strikes again. I guess you cannot turn down the chance of getting Hobbitmere started — especially since its creation will address two other issues. Double bubble as they say.

  2. Will it be finished in time for the olympics?

  3. James - no swearing required. Yes, I DID say I was going to slow down for the autumn, unfortunately Bag End dependencies got in the way. It's not the local tarn which is driving things but the need to put some evergreen shrubs/shelter belt inside the lower fence and a preference to do it this year rather than next.

    CB - silly girl, the rate LP works the answer is "probably, yes"!


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