Friday, 5 August 2011

What a difference a day makes

The week wasn't a total gloom-fest. LP came in on Monday and we just about completed the pond excavations. All that remains now is the fiddly stuff which will take ages - removing visible stones, tweaking the edges (perhaps, one day, I will get to build a pond on level ground - now that would be novel!), lining with sand, then underlay (lots of it), and finally the liner.

Then the even more fiddly job of edging the pond so that it looks fairly natural and the liner doesn't show ...

On Friday my shoulder was no better so the pond was going to have to wait. LP was here and eager for work (honestly, the man is mad) so I pointed him towards the excellent job he had done on the laurel hedge in June:

and said: "now please can you do the same on the other side of the gate, don't care how you do it, don't care what materials you use - if it's laying around the garden it is fair game; would you like tea before you start?" We agreed that double digging wasn't required for this bed; too many roots from the silver birch trees plus the holly destined for this area is in 3 litre pots and will manage to work its way through the 12 inches that LP considers 'single digging' and be quite strong enough to go deeper when it wants.

Before he started:

When he stopped for lunch:

(the larch slab corners have been mitred ...)

At the end of the day:

Topped off with six huge barrow loads of home-made compost (a bit twiggy in places but more than adequately rotted for an evergreen hedge) this is superb! Give it a couple of days for the soil to settle and then I will plant some of the Blue Holly purchased last weekend. On my own this amount of progress would have taken weeks. Both Management and I are acutely aware of how much we are relying on LP at present and how many years (literally) he is shaving off the amount of time it will take to turn Bag End into a garden.

This however, was not the end of the day ...


  1. What an absolute gem LP is, and he's come into your lives just when you needed him most. Once the infrastructure in the garden is done, it won't need anywhere near the same amount of work to maintain. Then he can come and help me LOL!

    Hope the shoulder feels better soon.

  2. You're absolutely right SewAli, just at the time I needed big-time help with the physical labour, LP was willing and available. 6 or 12 months ago he wasn't - timing is everything.

    I don't know about travelling south to help you, but he has picked up a couple of other jobs since starting to here, which is great for him. If I'm not careful he will end up too busy to help me although he promises that he is going to see Bag End finished!

  3. 'Bag End finished' ,,,, now there's a thought!


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