Friday, 12 August 2011


It's been wetter than a wet thing around here since Tuesday night and I am delighted about that. Not able to get into the garden and with Management away I have had a much needed rest. All the outdoor progress is fantastic and long may it continue but the work is starting to take its toll and the body is definitely creaking in places where it didn't used to.

Have been able to straighten up much of the house and finish varnishing the skirting board in my sewing room. After the wonderful progress made in the Spring, this project definitely went off the rails. The new plaster cracked really badly in a couple of places and it took ages to get Wayne back to fix it. His fix caused more mess than we could have imagined, resulted in two walls needing to be completely repainted and on close inspection, the re-plastering is visible and I'm not impressed. I'm not having him back for a 3rd attempt either.

By the time I have hung a couple of quilts on the walls it won't show and I remind myself there are millions of people who would love a bit of bumpy plaster to be their only problem. If we'd bought the 17th century farmhouse we looked at in Mockerkin four years ago there wouldn't have been a smooth wall in the place.

Finally tackled the giant pile of recycled paper I have been stashing in my study, nearly breaking the shredder into the bargain. At least I now have a decent quantity of "brown material" to add to the excess of "green" which is currently filling the compost bins.

I can report the pond has water in it - but not quite how I planned. I'd love to get out and finish this but it will have to wait.

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