Tuesday, 30 August 2011

That went well, I guess . . .

Day One of our biggest project to date went well - especially when you factor in the skips which were due at 9.30 and didn't arrive until 1.00 (a fact which caused the Roofer far more angst than us), and a couple of hours rain despite a forecast for dry with high cloud.

The non-Health & Safety method of getting tiles off the roof when there's no skip to throw them into.

We've got a great team here and I am (surprisingly) completely unstressed by the whole experience. It does help that Management is at home - probably not how the poor chap would like to spend a two-week holiday but it does help not being solely responsible for decisions, coffee and all the questions that seven workmen (OK, 6 workmen and one work-woman) generate.

The crew were great and helped us put a humongous quantity of insulation into the roof void above my study. This space is not really accessible from the rest of the loft (it's an extension) and is the coldest room in the house with three outside walls facing south west (where most of our bad weather comes from).

Management and I spent much of yesterday afternoon covering the new loft insulation with tarpaulin. The idea was to catch the sand and black muck when the old (and perished) roofing membrane was removed. It seems to be working well although the test will be when we try to remove it but the unexpected benefit has been to keep the rain off nearly everything.

By teatime we were looking very green:

The roof goblins were not the only small people working in The Shire this week:


  1. Oh, me!! That's a lot of unnecessary hard work caused by the skip not showing on time! Glad all of you came through safe. Will be wonderful when done.

    I do have to ask. When are you going to take a breather, girl?

    Got our new hurricane shutters and new reinforced and insulated garage door yesterday. We are all set now, till time for the roof.

  2. Ah, an invertor so Bag End can generate its own power via PV cells? Of course, having that large south-facing roof is handy {g}

    Trust that you'll be looking to heat some water with some solar panels too?

  3. Wow, I didn't realise you were having a completely new roof. That is a big job, but I'm glad it's started well.

  4. FFG - what's taking a breather {giggle}. In truth, I am planning to wind down now .... although you know that PLANS at Bag End have a habit of going off the rails.

    Glad to hear you have your work completed, I am not sure I like the idea of having to have hurricane-proof fixtures and fittings, guess it is what you are used to. Hope you never have to test them out.

    {giggling at James} I knew you'd spot the inverter and work out what we were up to. No plans for solar water heating as yet because of where our water tank is located (basement room behind garage) which makes the pipe run fairly difficult.

    SewAli, thankfully "just" new membrane, tiles and fixings. Trusses and timber supports are OK. It's a big job but once I got over the shock of the decision it has all gone very well.

  5. "Ah, an invertor so Bag End can generate its own power via PV cells?"

    Strewth - he's good, isn't he? I'd have had no idea (*confesses - I thought it was a scanner for the PC...)

  6. Hazel, he's one of those 'brain the size of a planet' chaps who doesn't even realise how bluddy smart he is {chuckle}.

    Slightly scary to see him analyse code and tell you why a website is broken ...

  7. And there was me thinking I was only good for throwing a splitting maul around or loading the log splitter...snigger

  8. James: "if the cap fits" {snigger back to you!}


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