Thursday, 4 August 2011

Snotty week

Have managed to limp towards the end of the week and not a moment too soon. I don't care for the first week in August, don't think I ever will.

It has either been too hot or too wet and getting the remainder of the plants into the large bed in the Cottage Garden has been a huge struggle. Waking up one morning with a frozen shoulder/badly kinked neck didn't help either. However, with perseverance, bloody-mindedness and a few hours working in the rain it is nearly done, and looking rather fine (although there are some huge gaps - hence the big pots and bamboo canes as markers).

I went to a long-awaited auction of "garden ornaments and sandstone troughs" but the stock was rubbish and it was full of very smelly people. Finally made it to the new Dobbies at Carlisle and whilst their range of clematis were good (although I didn't buy any having already purchased from Taylors) the rest of their stock was in short supply, bland and uninteresting. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised and they do have a huge range of all the "non-growing" paraphernalia that gardeners want or think they need so I predict a few shopping trips over the years!

When I asked for pond plants I was brusquely told "far too late in the year" which is sort of true-ish, but the bloke didn't have to be so blunt about it. Lamberlea near Egremont had an excellent, if pricey, selection of pond plants last weekend. No prizes for guessing where I'll be going.


  1. The progress is amazing and I don't just mean the garden!

  2. Paw prints in the golden sand
    Betwixt the ebb and flow,
    And for the briefest moment in time.

    For when gentle waves lap,
    And tug at the grains
    There are only memories to last.

    They say time is a great healer.
    But two years and many tides on,
    There are still paw prints on your heart.



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