Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shovelling sh*t

LP coming in one or two days a week was meant to relieve me from the hard, physical jobs which either I can't do, or that I can do but completely knacker me. Most of the time this plan works extremely well. Occasional it doesn't and Wednesday afternoon was one of those 'doesn't' times.

The weather was overcast and it threatened to rain so we decided to do a "muck run" rather than start digging. There followed a long, hot, tiring and sticky afternoon (the threatened rain went away ...) LP did a brilliant job of clearing not just the nettles growing in the beautifully rotted compost at the bottom of the stack, he got the roots out too. It might seem mad that he cleared weeds from someone else's poo pile on our coin but (a) it needed doing so we could get to the good stuff and (b) it's a very small price to pay to thank J & B for letting me loose on this huge source of garden goodness.

Between us we had 13 big plastic buckets and when filled to LP's standard (which is about twice the quantity I can put in them) the ready-to-use compost bin miraculously becomes almost full. This is the result of 26 buckets, happy day ☺.

This is not rotting, smelly stuff. It is dry, crumbly, smells of clean peaty soil, is chock full of worms and there is very little that's better for the garden.

Our third run brought back 13 tubs of fairly fresh muck and this will be mixed with the huge quantity of grass that's currently in the bins to help it rot down faster and better.

The work at the stables was hard but not difficult. The work of hauling these buckets all the way from the car to the compost bins (probably the furthest point in the garden from the drive) was hell. Even LP admitted that the slope near the house seems to be getting steeper.

Management has been suggesting that I look at a ride-on lawnmower with a tow hitch for the green trailer. I'm starting to think he might have a point . . . .


  1. There ain't a man out there who's not looking for an excuse to buy a ride-on lawnmower LOL! However, in this case, I'm with Management, you *need* one :o).

  2. “…he cleared weeds from someone else's poo pile on our coin…”

    You have such an eloquent way with words dear Hobbit!

    As for a ride-on, I foresee hours of Hobbit fun ahead, assuming you can prise it from Management...

  3. Sewali, oh dear - have I touched upon something close to home for you? Has the Lumberjack started looking or is it just something he mentions "occasionally".

    James, I don't think there is any danger of Management taking over lawn duties, even with a noisy, petrol-driven toy to do the hard work. As for you, however, I foresee hours of plotting and planning so you can come over here more often!


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