Saturday, 6 August 2011

Rain stops play

Our big bonfire gently smouldered all night and was still hot on Saturday morning. Not surprisingly therefore, Management and I managed to spend the first half of the day messing with it until rain completely stopped play.

By that time there was no trace of the smaller stumps or that which had been split the night before (hurrah!) and the two medium sized stumps were a lot smaller. Management might have sworn that he was never going to try and split large stumps again but it did work ....

I had an attempt to fire one of the huge stumps but didn't get very far ...

Yes, it is still a mess but we made huge progress.


  1. "I'm catching up with things at Bag End after a fortnight's holiday, and it's a real "Wow" experience. I don't know if you ever look back at the blog, but it would be worth looking at it a few weeks at a time to see just what progress you make."

  2. I have 'hidden' two huge stumps! They will probably reappear when Autumn comes and the leaves fall but I will worry about them then!

  3. Thanks Roddie. Yes, I regularly look back, the 2008 pictures of all the leylandii now seem like a bad dream in someone else's garden! Easy to forget how tall they were.

    Jill, in the cottage garden I have planted ivy next to a couple of the stumps behind the arbour. If I can keep the plant on the stump and not all over the ground it should provide some nice habitat (and will provide green cover all year so I can't see the actual stump).


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