Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pond: Turning point

One of those 'notable' garden days where something big gets done after weeks of planning, preparation, precipitation and piddling around. LP spent a productive morning digging over a strip of ground next to the hawthorn hedge:

Might not look much to anyone else but this is another 20 feet of ground cleared and ready for compost & planting. Exponential progress.

He would have continued all day but after lunch was reassigned to carpentry duties:

The edging on this whole bed had warped and slumped forward, fortunately there was enough timber left-over from another job for the whole thing to be replaced.

Once The Digging Machine and the Decorator had left for the day, Hobbit was free to play, I mean, carefully finish constructing the pond!

The lighting is a bit off in the rest of the pictures, it was getting late.

Thick pond underlay, left over from the Hampshire build. Lined the entire hole (after spending nearly two hours tweaking and messing around trying to remove all visible stones)

Thick layer of sand on the horizontal surfaces, and surprisingly, up about a third of the vertical sides in the deep bit.

Incorporating quilting AND gardening . . . small offcuts of synthetic quilt batting laid around the vertical sides. Before anyone suggests I am trying to keep the pond warm (snigger) even I am not that silly - but I do want to put a thickish layer between any potential sharp stones and the pond liner.

Then two layers of synthetic woven underlay which came with the liner. Supposedly, using the two products together gives me a 35 year guarantee on the liner .... now that would be nice.

Man (hobbit) handling a 5m square plastic liner single-handed .... hmmm

Actually, with care and a lot of shoeless standing in deepest part of the hole, it wasn't too bad.

Fiddle around another 20 minutes trying to get folds neat and surplus evenly distributed, then hook up a hose to the very full IBC tank next to the greenhouse. It's going to take quite some time for gravity to move a lot of H2O but being able to fill with rainwater is great.

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