Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pond progress: Thursday

Overnight the pond looked like this, deepest bit is half full and an escape ramp in case our resident hedgehog fell in.

This big basket with a handle contained four plants that I purchased on Monday. Whilst it might look tidy in the garden centre, left in situ the plants would outgrow the space in a very short time. They'll get distributed around the shelf when I start planting. I put the oxygenator - Curly Waterweed (Lagarosiphon major) in before it got any deeper. Depending upon which bit of conservation advice you read, this plant is OK, or not OK. I have no intention of dumping any of it in the River Derwent where the Himalayan Balsam is a far greater problem than this might be. When it outgrows the available space the surplus will go on the compost heap.

It took until late afternoon to get the water to a reasonable level. The gentle flow from the IBC tank seemed to take ages and eventually I got bored and half emptied a smaller water butt by hand. Surprised to find that my back-of-an-envelope attempt at pi r2 was fairly accurate and the pond is likely to take about 1,000 litres to fill.

To fill in the time I ensured that there are no lingering doubts about my remaining sanity - I washed rocks!

These stones were removed from the large bed in the Cottage Garden when the trellis fence went in. Covered in years of dried on soil, I wanted to see what colour they really were before I started trying to arrange them on the pond edge. Trouble is, this is only some of the stone, there is more distributed around various bits of the garden and my back was complaining about doing any more. I decided it could wait until LP comes back tomorrow.

In other news, LP was available for half a day today so he's dug another section of ground next to the hawthorn hedge.

Our decorator got the top coat on five wooden doors, makes a huge difference to the bedroom end of the hallway. Of course, now we need to find new handles ...


  1. I guess washing rocks equates to the army's habit of painting them?

    Your pond has progressed from idea to reality very quickly.

  2. Now you are being careful not to lock yourself in or out of anywhere, the doors having no handles?? BTW do go for smooth handles and NOT for handles with little scrolly sticky out bits on the end - they grab at your clothes, watch strap, ring and it hurts!

    Pond looks fab!

    But washing rocks?! Really?

  3. Thanks Sue, washing rocks - at least no-one has said "mad as a box of ....." (well, not to my face. You should see what we managed on Friday!

    Hazel, yes thank you - have taken every bit of handle mechanism off, no danger of getting locked in and towel thrown on bathroom floor now needed to keep door closed! Agree with you about nasty sticky out bits ... unfortunately, in order to cover up holes left by the previous (twirly - brass - yuk) handles, we will have to have something with a rectangular backplate and are struggling to find something nice . . . suspect Management will be spending hours researching this online over the weekend :}


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