Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Pond playtime

Just like Disney, the fun never ends. Had a silly idea for the edges which has turned out to be remarkably successful. Very cheap plastic lawn edge from Wilkinsons, double thickness covered in spare pond underlay and secured with staples (Management's idea). Pushed into position behind the pond liner and covered with more spare underlay.

Pond liner trimmed with about 6" to spare and tucked over the fairly rigid plastic edge.

I stumbled across Space For Nature, a garden biodiversity forum, and found a short article by Richard Burkmar about using brushwood screen along the pond edge. It's worth going over to the site and having a good rummage round.

Like Mr Burkmar, I had to buy far more brushwood screen that necessary but as with all things at Bag End, the surplus is bound to come in handy for something! We're extremely pleased with how this has turned out; regardless of water level the liner shouldn't be exposed to sunlight, we don't have to use quite so many stones along the top shelf and if we get tadpoles (or toadpoles) next spring there will be lots of little places for them to hide. As the clever chap who came up with this says, it may rot quickly and not last long but it won't be difficult to renew/replace.

The edge is high at the back of the pond so I can bank up the soil against it, hopefully it won't be too long before planting softens the edge and you can't see where the pond stops and the bed begins.

LP cut away some turf which has given our beach area a more gentle slope. We've decided to put slate slabs around this front edge but haven't got any conveniently laying around so this section will look a bit untidy until we've been to the stone place at Keswick.

Planting is not finished, need some different baskets for a couple of places. Over the weekend Management noticed how much of a battering the wind was giving the taller plants. He had the idea of making a windbreak and LP fixed the posts in for me. I know it looks a bit strange at present but We Have A Plan - and it will be brilliant when it's finished!


  1. Blimey Hobbit, this is a remarkable transformation in such a short space of time (in Bag End terms).

    I do like the way you've totally transformed the area (I can't say garden as it wasn't) in front of the house into the beginnings of a fine garden to complement the splendid views you enjoy. Envious? Moi? You bet!

  2. Finally made it to see your Pond antcis :) It's looking pretty good as it is!

  3. Wow, that's really coming along and looking great. I wouldn't know where to start with something like that!

  4. James, I'm sorry kiddo. Don't mean to turn you green. Best cure for that is for you to come over for an afternoon and play with the log splitter - you know it makes sense ☺☺ You're right though, it is a tremendous transformation and all down to LP's hard graft.

    Mo, thanks for visiting and for the comment. Do you think Jilly would like to lay by the pond (I know Ollie would have felt the need to keep a close eye on it, he did with the one in our last garden).

    SewAli, hope you and the Lumberjack can fit a weekend visit in sometime so you can pop over, sit by the pond, and survey all the changes over a cuppa.

    And as for not knowing where to start - tish girl, I've seen that decking he built, AND the log cabin edging, of course you could make a pond. It would look rather nice somewhere just past your apple tree - near the greenhouse? Just dig a hole, line it with sand and old batting (you have some of that, right?) and a liner. it would definitely increase the amount of bird-life you get in the garden. If you're serious, give me a call sometime and we'll chat about suppliers.


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