Monday, 8 August 2011

A major tidy-up

Management has been very patient this summer. Whilst he accepts and understands my desire to leave some grass long he doesn't particularly like it when the whole of the side garden is unmown for months on end and becomes an impenetrable wilderness! However, he does understand that even with LP's help there are only so many hours in a day and whilst we were concentrating on completing all the ground works in the Cottage Garden it was not possible to get on top of this:

Mission Impossible? "Your task, should you choose to accept it . . . is to get this tidied up."

I didn't think it would be done in one day though ....

I wasn't completely idle during proceedings. Compost bins had to be emptied to make way for all the grass. The big 'in use' bin got mixed with today's harvest, and the leaf mould was spread around the lasagne bed and big bed in the Cottage Garden.

Planted up six of the Ilex aquifolium Heckenstar in the new bed LP created last week.

Three bins are now completely full and a fourth is well on the way. Although I have mixed in what brown material I had, there is too much 'green' and this isn't going to make brilliant compost in a short period of time. I'll have to do something to add more "brown" material.

Also unlikely to make good compost in the near future are these four builders' bags - full of thistle, nettle and garlic mustard cut from the bottom edge next to the fence (where the tree stumps came from). However, they're not hurting anyone sitting here for a while, the bottom of the bags have been punctured and they are on pallets to allow air underneath (and they are not leaning on the back of the shed either).

Now before some smarty-pants reminds me I recently said that I will no longer get stressed about "native hooligans": I never said I was going to let weeds take over and do whatever they wanted, I just decided I wasn't going to worry about them between now and whenever I get ground cultivated to a point where they are mostly ousted.

I will not be able to eradicate all the uninvited native plants, but I'd like to think that I am boss in my own garden, not them ....


  1. You think :) Weeds always win the day here.
    I refuse to use any form of chemical in the garden, so I do make life difficult for myself.
    In the copse, I allow them to do their own thing and that is where the wildlife flourishes.
    Strangely it is the area that most people love, I think because it is wild and out of control.......

    I seem to spend my life composting. I don't mind, because there is nothing I like more than a compost bin full of rich, dark soil. Sad, but true.

    Have a nice weekend, and don't work too hard :)

  2. Cheryl, I too have left the Coppice untouched although I don't think anyone would love it at present - it is full of nettles.

    Agree with you about compost - can't have too much of it in this garden. Won't work too hard this weekend (I think) because it is far too wet to be outside.

  3. Every time you mention the lasagne bed it reminds me of the BBC's spaghetti harvest April Fool. Do you get a decent crop? ;-)

  4. Tee hee Roddie, like you I am of an age to remember that .... I can still see the b&w images of tree strewn spaghetti!


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